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The Artist's Corner Gallery, part of Global Media Network, LLC, hosts a large collection of fine art contemporary photography. We provide a wide range of prints for private collectors, art consultants, interior designers and architects. Our clients include museums and consultants who provide art works for museums, acquisition, public spaces, corporate and hotel environments.

The Artist's Corner Gallery and Bookmaking offers curatorial services pertaining to acquisition, framing, placement, and installation. Our fine art print shop specializes in the design, printing and bookmaking of unique and limited edition gallery show catalogs and portfolios.





30x40 Inches

edition of 7+ 2 AP


June 22 - September 22, 2013

Opening Night Reception for the Artist

Free admission with RSVP to:

Saturday June22, from 7-10pm


Objet Trouvé

At the place where vintage photography meets pictorialism, photo artist Jerry Shevick has staked out a new territory that somehow seems sweetly nostalgic and oddly familiar.

A remembered color palette from a time we think we know, seeds this artist’s body of work.  On the hunt in thrift shops and garage sales for 40′s 50′s and 60′s amateur pin up shots, Shevick has put together a coy vision of a time gone by when your grandfather would fumble with his Brownie and your grandmother would don a six-shooter and strike a pose in the backyard.

Fifty years ago or so, these twelve women, who were wives, girlfriends, or hopeful starlets took there clothes off and posed naked, maybe for the very first time.  These old nudie shots hint of a life of love and lust.

What looks like the faded slides of one prolific, if amateur photographer, is really Shevick’s heavily curated pickings of found objects in the photo sections of flea markets and estate sales that he’s culled and rephotographed in a fresh, innovative way. The result is a re-framing of the entire experience in a campy, post modern, tongue and cheek show.  Printed on Kodak Metallic photographic paper, and finished in plexiglass, Shevick’s prints firmly plant these images in a highly contemporary re-imagining of a time, long gone bye.

These photographs are old conversations; sweet, sexual whispers in an anachronistic language we don’t speak anymore - they evoke photography in its simplest, most utilitarian form – a private communication, one the artist is allowing us to share.

-Phil Tarley, Director, Artist's Corner Gallery

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All 12 images in the show are available as 8 x 12 inch archival pigment prints, signed and numbered en verso, in a limited edition of 13.

They come mounted in a four-ply archival matt, in a presentation configuration, in the back of each show catalog. The prints may be slipped out of the matt for framing or kept as is.

The catalog, limited to 100 copies, is included at no charge with the purchase of one of these smaller prints. The pigment print the catalog houses is rotated as the edition of 13 sells out.

As an opening night special the catalog will sell for $150. After that it will be priced at $300. As the edition sells out it's price will rise .Only 100 books will be printed.


12X16 inches, 36 page show catalog